Books in English

The Splendor of the Liturgy, Maurice Zundel, New York, Sheed & Ward, 1939.

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Our Lady Of Wisdom, Maurice Zundel, New York:, Sheed & Ward, 1939.

In Search of the Unknown God, Maurice Zundel, New York, Herder and Herder (1959)

The Gospel Within, Maurice Zundel, 1993, Éd. Paulines (see  note 1)

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With God in Our Daily Life, Maurice Zundel, 1993, Éd. Paulines (see note 1)

Wonder and Poverty, Maurice Zundel, 1993, Éd. Paulines (see  note 1)

The Inner Person (at the Vatican), Maurice Zundel, 1996, Éd. Médiaspaul (see note 1)

The Religion of life : The Spirituality of Maurice Zundel, Ramon Martinez de Pison, R. 1997, Éd. Médiaspaul

God does not live behind the stars, Anthology, AMZ Canada, 2018 
Authorised private translation produced by AMZ volunteer- translators (see below note 1)

this salutary revolutionMaurice Zundel’s Way of Thinking
By Benoit Garceau. AMZ Canada, 2018. Private translation by John Janitz of De la liberté au don de soi. La voie de Maurice Zundel. (see below note 1)

Note 1 : To obtain PDF copies of documents from AMZ Canada, please contact the Amis de Maurice Zundel Canada at .