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This Maurice Zundel English garden offers various quotations translated by a few members of the AMZ Canada and drawn from the anthology  published in 2007 by les éditions du Jubilé, Dieu n’habite pas derrière les étoiles  (God does not live behind the stars).  As for any flower bed in a garden often feed our meditation; may these quotations from Maurice Zundel do likewise.

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Your Face My Light:  
Maurice Zundel,  The Gospel of Man

Margaret PARRY,  combines an introduction to Zundel’s thinking by reference to his life and person with an analysis of selected extracts from his work translated by the author into English. (see more)



170No one knows who he is. The “me” that we keep uttering constantly is the biological “me “. In the most favorable cases, the personal ‘me’ is in the making: it is being made. (p. 16)

The human body thus is a body in the making, a body in becoming, a body being spiritualized, a body becoming a spirit, a body being immortalized, a body that breathes God and reveals Him. (p. 17)


Each of us is called to be an incarnation of God, each of us is called to let divinity shine through oneself, each of us is called to become transparent and all the human grandness is there! (p. 18)

IMG_0416If we do not offer freedom the inner space necessary for its expansion whose infinite requirement cannot bear any limit, the physical universe will close its borders more and more tightly on us. (p. 23)

The only way we can integrate and overcome our determinisms, is the disappropriation of ourselves which is the essence of love. (p. 44)



If we are supposed to get to know God by faith, as by an inner light, it is precisely because God cannot impose Himself on us. (p. 45)


Freedom does not mean: to do what I want; freedom means: to be free from myself, to become an unlimited space where the entire universe can be received. (3-338)



Freedom is the key to any experience of God  (p. 26)

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You will also find in the bibliography section the list of a few books by Maurice Zundel, as well as some PDF, both available in English.

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  1. A saying from a swiss nun friend of mine of Maurice Zundel
    « Dieu ne nous enleve pas nos chers disparus,
    Ils les cache dans son coeur pour qu’ils soient pres de nous

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