Your Face My Light : Maurice Zundel, the Gospel of Man


Maurice Zundel (1897-1975), Swiss writer, priest and theologian, addresses himself not only to practising believers but to all those who, in a humanity and a Church in crisis, are seeking for a transcendent meaning or purpose to existence. Marginalised by the Catholic Church for his unorthodox, modernist views which present the individual as the source of his own freedom and becoming. Zundel’s existential approach to ‘being’ is complemented by a profound spirituality of interiority and discovery of one’s ‘person’ as the route to true encounter with the ‘other’. The ‘self’ is also the ‘creative source’ which seeks itself through creative and artistic endeavour. These multiple facets of a theology attuned to the modern world and psyche, combined with a strong ecumenism embracing Islam encountered through long periods in Egypt and Lebanon, have ensured Zundel a huge following. Yet he is hardly known in the English-speaking world. The present book seeks to fill this void. It combines an introduction to Zundel’s thinking by reference to his life and person with an analysis of selected extracts from his work translated by the author into English. (see Contents)

By Margaret Parry ,

Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd,  London UK, 2020, 134 p.