The Gospel Within

We express our most sincere thanks to the Éditions Médiapaul, who autorised us to make available this translation of Maurice Zundel Book « L’évangile intérieur ». This translation  was initially published by the  Éditions Paulines  in 1993.

This book is made of weekly  chronicles broacasted by Radio Luxembourg in 1935. Initially, we have given access to each chronicle progressively.  You now now have access to  its full content on our site  chapter by chapter  – one chronicle is made available t by clicking the appropriate chapter  on the contents hereafter.



1. In search of the soul

2. The interior encounter

3. The unknown God

4. In the beginning was Love

5. Divine Poverty

6. Divine tenderness

7. The problem of evil

8. The genius of prayer

9. A prophetic people and a living book

10. The mystery of Jesus

11. The mystery of the Church

12. The mystery of silence

. The universe-sacrament

14. A legacy of joy

15. From soul to soul